Three simple steps to bare walls

Wallwik's patented HydroSheet technology allows wallpaper to be removed more easily and quickly than ever before.

When soaked in the SimpleStrip Professional Power Solution, the HydroSheets cling to the wallpaper, keeping it moist. Paste-busting enzymes can then penetrate the scored surface and dissolve the old adhesive. You then simply peel the paper from the wall, often in entire strips.

Three simple steps to bare walls

It's so easy, you may not believe it till you try it.
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"This product was BETTER than promised. It saved us HOURS of work. Consumer - J. Scott, Corunna
"Thank you! What a miracle product!"Consumer - Jaimie Smith, Ohio
"It's unreal the time and money that SimpleStrip Professional has saved us. I love it!"Consumer - Carol
Three simple steps to bare walls

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step 3 Strip

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